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About Us

1. Brief Info

  • Maicom Co., Ltd (Founded: 2003)
    • Main office: 202 Ly Long Tuong Str., My Kim Area, Phu My Hung, Tân Phong Ward , 7th Distr., HCM City, Vietnam
    • Tel: 08.54125171 - 54125172; Fax: 08-54125173.
    • Address: 27L1/4 27th street, Ward Hiep Binh Chanh, Thu Duc District, HCM City, Viet Nam;
    • Tax code: 0303070493

2. Business Content

Maicom is a professional in:

  • Supplying:
    • IT equipments, Office equipments, ...
  • System integration (SI):
    • Design, Deploy and implement network LAN, WAN infrastructure, Data Center, Server room, Storage, Backup & Restore system ...
  • IT Services
    • System  optimization service
    • Repairing, maintenance service
    • Equipment for rents
    • Consulting, solution design
    • Training ...
  • Supplying & Implementing M & E system (Mechanical & Electrical)
    • System of Mechanical and Electrical
    • Cabling system
    • CCTV - Camera system
    • HVAC. Cooling system
    • Raised floor
    • Lightning, Sure protection
    • PABX - Telephone system
    • Fire alarm, Fire protection system
    • Automation control system

With many years experience in implementing major projects of the government, state banks and enterprises, staff of highly competent and professional, we are constantly evolving to bring customers products, best services, contributing to bring real value to clients, accompany clients to succeed while confirming the role of information technology sector for the economy as a general and business in particular.

Solutions & Services